Welcome Home

“Leaving San Francisco is like saying goodbye to an old sweetheart,” Walter Cronkite once said. “You want to linger as long as possible.” Hasn’t every Vassar alum experienced those pangs of nostalgia upon being kicked to the other side of Raymond Avenue on some May afternoon? Our college years may be behind us, but the Vassar alum community is as alive as San Francisco itself.

Like Vassar, the Bay Area is a wholly unique. There’s no other city quite like it—its diversity, its culture, its arts and entertainment, and its coastline cannot be found anywhere else. Not surprisingly, it is also home to thousands of Vassar alums.

The Vassar Club of the Bay Area serves those alums in ways large and small, hosting a wide range of innovative programs throughout the city. We work with the local clubs of other elite colleges and universities, allowing Vassar graduates to meet peers and form new friendships. Perhaps most importantly, the Club organizes career discussions and other events with Vassar alum leaders in various industries, giving VCBA members valuable networking and professional development opportunities. Want to learn more and get involved? Contact us.


The mission of the Vassar Club of the Bay Area (VCBA) is to lead the alums who live or work in the greater San Francisco Bay Area in advancing the interests of Vassar College. VCBA’s goals are to foster a sense of community among alums, share resources, and advance Vassar’s interests.